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While staying in La Fortuna we checked out the different options for getting to the border between Costa Rica and Panama. We were presented with the options of spending 12 to 15 hours on public buses with multiple bus changes, versus taking a shuttle to the Pacuare River, rafting for 4 hours and then continuing on to Puerto Viejo. After a full minute of contemplation we decided rafting was the way to go. The next morning we were up at 5:15 am, picked up by a very prompt shuttle, and driven three hours to the river. The Pacuare River is one of the best white water rafting rivers in Costa Rica, full of class 3 and 4 rapids.wpid-Photo-20150928163623340.jpg

The rafting company fed us a hearty breakfast because everyone knows that fed tourists are happy tourists and subsequently paddle when told to. We were then bussed to the starting point, met our guides, and started the adventure. With all the recent rain the river was full and fast. The whole trip consisted of one rapid right after another with virtually no paddling required in between.wpid-Photo-20150928163623520.jpg

Check out this video of one of the rapids (Lisa is video taping and Kevin is sitting to the left behind our new friend Benito).

After rafting we continued on to the tiny beach town of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, arriving in the early evening. Puerto Viejo was only a short distance from the boarder with Panama which made it a great stopping point for the night.

The beach in Puerto Viejo

The Blue Butterfly hotel

The Blue Butterfly hotel

Our small 3 room hotel came complete with uneven plank floors and a large turtle that lived in one of the showers. Part of the ceiling was cut away to accommodate the portable fan which was mounted in the hole and pointed directly down onto the bed. Besides the holes in the walls, ceiling, and floor, the place was quite comfortable and we slept well.

A family of monkeys in Arenal

Throughout our short time in Costa Rica we encountered multiple forms of wildlife. As many people have asked us for photos of the different animals we see, we will try to include as many as we can capture in our posts.

A huge spider locally know as the golden-web spider